Lamborghini Sian Hypercar Roadster Variant Revealed

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2021 Lamborghini Sian Hypercar Roadster Variant Revealed

Lamborghini Sian Roadster Hypercar | Image Source- Lamborghini
Lamborghini Sian Roadster is another addition to the brand’s hybrid hypercar fleet. Lamborghini, one of the most iconic Supercar Manufacturers from Italy that gave the world some of the most iconic supercars from the 60s starting with Miura, Countach, Diablo, Gallardo, Murcielago, Reventon, Sesto Elemento, and the list will go on. But now it’s not about past cars from Lamborghini, its all about Lamborghini’s latest Bull the Sián Roadster which is based on the Sián  FKP-37 Hard Top version unveiled in Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019.
The new Roadster version of Lamborghini’s Sián hybrid hypercar is the most powerful open-top production car in the world, its 808bhp output shatters the 780bhp Ferrari 812 GTS. It’s also one of the most powerful cars ever produced by Lamborghini also its 1st open-top car from Lamborghini that uses Hybrid Technology. In-terms of how exclusive it is, well only 19 units to be ever produced that take its cost up to $3.6 Million according to some sources. That puts the Sián in the rich company as of the most expensive new cars ever built. But $3.6 million didn’t stop the Sián as all the 19 units are already sold out.

Powertrain and Specs

Like the striking hard-top Sian revealed at last year’s Frankfurt motor show, the Roadster gets its powerplant with some 774bhp – from an uprated version of the Aventador’s naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 and features a 34bhp 48V electric motor integrated into the gearbox for zero-emission low-speed maneuvers.
The electric motor is also used to flatten the Sián’s acceleration curve, kicking in to provide torque fill that mitigates the effects of deceleration during gear changes. An added benefit of this, Lamborghini says, is that “the pilot will feel only the pull backward of acceleration, eliminating uncomfortable jerking movements”.
                                         As a result, the Sián Roadster is claimed to achieve the 0-62mph sprint quicker than the conventionally powered Aventador SVJ Roadster’s 2.9sec and its top speed is pegged at more than 217mph or 349kmph. A weight figure of under 1650kg is claimed, although there is no indication yet of how much heavier the hard-top is for comparison.
At the reveal of the hard-top, Lamborghini claimed that the addition of an electric element to the V12 motor has not affected the powertrain’s trademark sound.
Both versions of the Sian use sate of the art supercapacitor power storage unit unlike other hybrid or fully electric cars that use Li-ion or Li-Po battery packs and is said to store 10 times more power than a conventional lithium-ion battery – to provide instant torque boosts at will while traveling at speeds of up to 81mph or 130kmph.
The device, evolved from the one used to power the Aventador’s starter motor, weighs just 34kg, giving a power-to-weight ratio of 1bhp per 1kg and ensuring minimal impact on performance. Symmetric power flow means it charges using energy recovered under braking at the same rate as discharging, providing maximum efficiency.
The Sián’s unique design features are carried over unchanged into the roadster, including the six classic Countach-inspired brake lights, hexagonal exhausts, Y-shaped headlights and air intakes at the front and side.
Also featured are heat-sensitive cooling vanes on the rear deck that rotate according to the engine temperature, aerodynamic ‘airstreamers’ at the rear, and a retractable spoiler that sits flush with the engine lid while the car is stationary. According to Lamborghini, removing the roof has had no effect on the Sián’s aerodynamic efficiency.
Each of the 19 examples sold will be built to the owner’s desired specification by Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalization arm, with the option to choose from a range of exterior and interior colours and finishes, and even have the 3D-printed air vents inscribed with the owner’s initials.
         Unlike other Lamborghini Models whose names are based on Fighting Bulls, the ‘Sian’ translates to ‘flash’ or ‘lightning’ in English and Lamborghini is using the Sian duo to set the tone for its upcoming electric era. As said by CEO Stefano Domenicali: “The Sián’s innovative hybrid powertrain heralds the direction for Lamborghini super-sports cars, and the open-top Sián Roadster affirms a desire for the ultimate lifestyle, Lamborghini, as we move towards a tomorrow demanding electrification.”
Unlike the Sián hard-top, the Roadster has been revealed at a stand-alone event. Lamborghini recently announced its intention to stop attending motor shows and will focus instead on providing the “exclusivity, personalization and one-to-one contact” it says its customers want.
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