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Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar with 1817HP Revealed. - MotoTales NE

Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar with 1817HP Revealed.

2021 Hennessey Venom F5 | Hennessey Special Vehicles

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2021 Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar with 1817HP made its public debut.


Hennessey Venom F5 Hypercar made by Hennessey Special Vehicles revealed officially that can achieve more than 500KPH with which they want to break the production car speed record.


  • Venom F5 will be powered by a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that can produce 1817 HP and 1617 NM of torque.


  • Body and Chassis made entirely from ultra-lightweight Carbon Fibre.


  • Power will be sent to rear wheels via 7-speed single-clutch transmission.


  • Limited run of only 24 units will be made.


Many people out there might not know about Hennessey itself so before we dig into the Venom F5 let’s know something about the maker Hennessey Special Vehicles.


About Hennessey Special Vehicles


Hennessey Special Vehicles was formed by its Founder John Hennessey in 2017 who himself is a racer. But before forming the company John Hennessey formed Hennessey Performance Engineering in 1991 which is essentially an American Car Tuning Company based in Texas, USA. Hennessey Performance built their 1st Hypercar the Venom GT Hypercar in 2011 which was based on Lotus Elise/Exige, but it was a heavily modified car with an aero package and was fitted with a 7.0-liter LS7 motor. With the Venom GT, Hennessey broke the record of the fastest 2 seater car to achieve a top speed of 270.49MPH or 435.31 km/h. The test was at the Kennedy Space Center on the Shuttle Landing Facility which is a 3.2-mile runway. Only 29 Venom GT’s were built till 2017 for the whole world. The record was later broken by Koenigsegg Agera RS Hypercar and Bugatti Chiron Supersport.


John Hennessey didn’t stop there and with the performance from the Venom GT, he knows that they could achieve more and so in 2017 founded the Hennessey Special Vehicles and debuted the Venom F5 Hypercar in the 2017 SEMA show. With the Venom F5 he wants to break the production car speed record of 500 KPH or 314 MPH and take the title for an American-made car. 


Recently American-made SSC Tuatara Hypercar broke the 500 KPH top speed mark but the results seem glitchy so the Hennessey Venom F5 can be the fastest American-made production road car when tests will be done in 2021. This was a brief history of the maker of the new American Hypercar. To know more about the car itself keep reading.


Engine and Gearbox on the Hennessy Venom F5


The Venom F5 Hypercar will be fitted with an in-house built 6.6-liter twin-turbo V8 engine called the “FURY”. It is based on classic American V8/LS architecture so it will have push-rods for the valve actuation. But has many modern elements like billet steel engine block, forged aluminum pistons, billet lightweight crankshaft, lightweight forged steel connecting rods, billet steel camshafts, and pushrods, dry sump lubrication system, custom intake manifolds, custom turbos for zero lag and also stainless steel exhaust system for added performance. Taking about performance the FURY can make 1817HP @ 8000RPM and torque is rated at 1617 NM @ 5000RPM. With a lightweight of 1360kg and a massive amount of power Hennessey say that the Venom F5 can do a 0 – 100kph (0 – 62mph) in 2.6secs. Also the power to weight ratio is rated at 1298 HP per tonne. Yes sink that in before reading more.


Hennessey Venom F5 Engine FURY | Hennessey Performance Engineering


All the power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels via 7-speed single-clutch semi-automatic transmission with paddle shifters and a limited-slip differential.


Hennessey Venom F5 Design and Aerodynamics.


The Venom F5 unlike its concept gets a clean design from front to rear. There are no ridiculous large rear or aggressive front splitter. The reason behind no active aero which most cars in this category have is that Hennessey wants to keep the drag-coefficient as low as possible by creating enough downforce to achieve V-Max. Thanks to its clever and clean design the Venom F5 has drag coefficient of 0.39 CD.


Venom F5 Exterior


The Venom F5 gets a beautiful exterior design with carbon panels, butterfly doors like a Hypercar should have along with satin carbon front splitter and roof, a subtle rear wing-like element, huge rear diffuser to create that massive downforce to make the car stick on the tarmac at high speeds and some carbon fiber trim along the side intakes. There are also some great design elements like the rear taillights have vents in it for cooling the engine, also the whole rear end is entirely made of single-piece carbon with machined vent holes.


Venom F5 Interior


On the Interior, the Hennessey Venom F5 gets a Luxurious treatment like any other hypercar. It gets leather-wrapped single-piece carbon fibre seats, great interior room for a Hypercar of this performance, a large driver’s display unit along with an infotainment touch screen with modern techs like Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto.

Hennessey Venom F5 Interior | Hennessey Special Vehicles


Aluminum steering mounted gear Shift Paddles, F1 style Carbon fibre steering wheel with all essential controls like headlights, wipers, engine start, driving modes. The Shift knobs are placed in the center console along with other creature comfort-related buttons and knobs. Being an American Carmaker each of the 24 Venom F5 car doors will also feature enamel inserts that depict the Texas and US flags.


The Chassis and suspension setup.


The Venom F5 Chassis is a carbon monocoque tub like structre that weighs just 86Kgs in total. Despite so lighweight it has more tortional rigidity than the Buggati Chiron. The carbon tub is fitted to tubular aluminuim subframes that also holds the massive engine and the suspension components.


Hennessey Venom F5 Carbon Fiber Chassis weighs just 86kg | Hennessey Performance Engineering


The Suspension on the Venom F5 are double wishbone type that uses passive dampers, but can be adjusted for preload, bump and rebound. The dampers are passive but the car gets a lift mechanism to clear through some driveways as it is a road-legal car. Also there are 5 driving modes out of which the most interesting are the drag for aggressive acceleration and F5 for V-Max runs. The car sits on forged aluminium wheels measuring 19 inch in front and 20 inch at the rear and fitted with sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires.


Hennessey venom F5 Price


Limited to just 24 units worldwide the super exclusive Hennessey Venom F5 will count whooping 2.1 million USD and the maker has already taken disposits for half of the units.

There will also be a track pack available later for the Venom F5.


Claimed by Hennessey and its Founder John himself the Venom F5 will be a much faster car than the Venom GT and they are confident enough that thier latest creation will break the 500 KPH of 314MPH speed record and become the fastest road car.


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