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Gordon Murray T.50S Track-Only Hypercar details revealed.-MotoTales NE

Gordon Murray T.50S Track-Only Hypercar details revealed.

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Gordon Murray T.50S Track-Only Hypercar details revealed.

Gordon Murray Automotive or GMA as they said earlier has confirmed the launch of a track-only version code name T.50S of the recently revealed T.50 Hypercar.


  • Gordon Murray Automotive has revealed details and a sketch of the track version of its T.50 hypercar.
  • The track-only T.50S will be limited to just 25 units each costing more than $4 million.
  • Around 15 T.50S has already been allocated to customers before its official reveal.
  • The name T.50S is a codename for the car and it will get a “historically significant” name as said by the maker himself.


Gordon Murray Automotive T50s | Source: Gordon Murray Automotive


The Track-only Version (Code Named T.50S) of the GMA T.50 hypercar is limited to just 25 units and will be much lighter, faster and powerful than the road-car with a V12 engine producing 730 HP.

To make the T.50 hypercar more capable it was only possible when a track version of it is made without many regulations and with T.50S GMA gave all that they have. As a result, the track car weighs 100kg lighter than the already light T.50 weighing just 890kgs, also the naturally aspirated Cosworth V-12 now makes up to 730 horsepower. All thanks to internal changes and a ram air intake.


Each Gordon Murray T.50S will cost around $4.1 million which over $ million more than the road car which was $3.1 million-plus taxes. Despite the price, the T.50 road car got sold out within 48 hours of its launch and more than 15 units of the Track-Only T.50S are allocated to customers before it was revealed in sketch form the public. 


Gordon Murray T.50S Engine and Drivetrain

The Gordon Murray T.50S will be powered by a Cosworth-built naturally aspirated V12 engine powering the T50 which has been re-engineered with revised cylinder heads, a higher compression ratio and an all-new free-flow titanium exhaust system to produce 730bhp. As said by the man himself ” Gordon Murray” this was only possible in a track car where they don’t have much regulation for noise or emission.


Gordon Murray T.50 Drivetrain | Source: Google Image, Steve Cropley


Also, a new roof-mounted scoop and ram air intake helped them to gain this kind of numbers. The track-only T.50S will also get a new bespoke six-speed transmission with new gear ratios and replaces the road car’s manual stick shifter with paddle shifters.


Design and Aerodynamic Upgrades

To make the T.50S ultimate track weapon GMA has made significant upgrades to design and aerodynamics over the original road car. The T.50S retains the signature rear fan but now gets a more aggressive new 1758mm-wide rear wing, a new more aggressive front splitter, underbody aerofoil and adjustable diffusers. All these changes allow the T50S to generate downforce of more than 1500kg. Also as seen on the sketch it will get a new roof-mounted aero fin which will help gain more cornering stability, that will also allow the car to generate 2.5-3g under braking.


The track-only T.50S unlike the road car, which has multiple driving and aerodynamic modes will run in High Downforce mode at all times, with the diffuser ducts fully open and the rear fan running permanently at 7000rpm.

For better track performance the Ride Height will also be lowered by 40mm both at front and rear, oil cooling systems will be relocated to improve airflow around the car and new brake ducts will be added for better temperature management of the brakes. The wheels will be lightweight race-spec Forged magnesium wheels that reduce the car’s unsprung mass, but the cars will not require any bespoke tyres and will ride on Michelin Cup Sport 2s.

Other Specs

To make the T.50S more lighter and agile than the already light road car everything has been stripped out. With only performance in mind, all the creature comforts that the road car had were stripped out like the air-con, infotainment screen, storage and sound-deadening materials are removed which helped in losing 94kgs. Also the MIDs were removed and the vital car informations will be moved to an F1-style rectangular steering wheel.

The central driver’s seat is also replaced with a carbonfibre racing bucket and six-point racing harness, while one of the two passenger seats will be removed to make the car lighter.

With all that said the GMA T.50S looks really promising around the track with astonishing track performance. It’s a perfect example of British Engineering and Gordon Murray’s work.

GMA says that the track-only T.50S will carry a “historically significant” name that will be announced later this year along with the official reveal of the car itself. As a car designed by Gordon Murray, it could carry the GTR name tag as on track-only versions of McLaren F1 created by Gordon Murray himself, to which the T50 seems like an original successor. There may also be a chance that its name may resemble the original Brabham fan car which was also designed by Murray himself.

All the 100 units T.50 road cars which got sold out withing 48hrs of its official reveal, will be built in the UK, by the year 2022. Production of the 25 track-only T.50S cars will then start early 2023 and looking at its exclusivity guess it will get sold out too before it makes its official launch. 


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