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Ford Mustang Mach E 1400: 1400HP All-electric crossover - MotoTales NE

Ford Mustang Mach E 1400: 1400HP All-electric crossover

1400hp Ford mustang mach e | Ford Performance

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Ford Mustang Mach E 1400: Ford’s 1400HP All-electric crossover Prototype has 7 motors.

  • Mustang Mach E 1400 is a one-off all-electric prototype that has 7 motors and targeted to produce a ridiculous 1400HP figure.
  • Has All-wheel-drive configuration.
  • Built by Ford Performance and Vaughn Gittin Jr. of RTR Vehicles to show the brand’s EV technology.



Mustang Mach E 1400 prototype is not just another high-performance version of the upcoming EV, Mach E, but promises much more than that and shows the brand’s EV technology that has gone to a whole new level.

Built by Ford Performance in Collaboration with Vaughn Gittin Jr. of RTR vehicles (also helped in the making of Ken Block’s 1965 Hoonicorn Mustang). 

Equipped with 7 electric motors rated to produce 1400 HP (1,011kw) and 1491 Nm (1100 lb ft) of torque that will leave your Ludicrous Tesla in tears. All the power is supplied by a rather small battery of 56.8 kwh. Has a modified aerodynamic body made up of lightweight composite materials that is capable of producing 2,300 pounds (1,043 kgs) at 160 mph (258 kmph). It is a one-off built and will make its debut in the upcoming NASCAR events.

Even if it shares similar design cues with the production-based Mach E, oh boy it is a totally different animal and more than worthy enough to hold the Mustang Badge.

Also, this is not the only electric mustang to have 1400 HP. Ford has also built an all-electric drag monster “The Mustang Cobra Jet 1400


1400HP Mustang Mach E | Ford Performance


Speaking of the drivetrain, it has three motors that power the front wheels and four for the rear wheels, making it an all-wheel-drive car. The system is easily tunable for various drive modes with the large screen in the dashboard. This allows the driver to easily switch between some nice tyre smoking drifts or quick laps around a track. Even the front wheels can be disconnected from the motors by removing the shaft for maximum drifting also to make some cool smoking donuts. This means it is optimised for all kinds of things like circuit racing, drag racing, drifting and even Gymkhana.

All these power is supplied by a 56.8 kwh high-performance lithium nickel manganese cobalt battery pack which is liquid-cooled to optimise it for the abuse that it has to bear powering all the seven motors. But the thing is it is half the size of standard Mustang Mach E’s battery pack. This was done intentionally to show the world Ford’s EV Tecnology as said by Mark Rushbrook (Global Director of Ford Performance) in an event with The Verge.

The whole package sits over Nitto Tyres and to stop this animal its equipped with high performance Brembo brake calipers also there’s a hydraulic handbrake for easier drifting. While smart electronic brake booster system provides with the functionality of regenerative braking, ABS, and even stability control.


1400 HP mustang mach e with roll cage and back seats | Souce: Ford Performance

In no way the production version of Mustang Mach E 1400 is happening soon, Ford says the vehicle is for innovation of new EV technology and materials that might eventually find their way into production. Like the hood that uses organic composite fibre than carbon fibre.


Even with all the crazy bits going around have you all noticed that it has back seats. Wonder if it can be family car ?? Wild isn’t it?? Look at the pics and the video by Ford Performance and come back to throw your opinions on the comment box below.


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