BAC MONO R, Street-Legal Race Car

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BAC MONO R, Street-Legal Race Car


BAC Mono R described as new “The New Reference” is the lightest, fastest, high-performance new generation single-seater street-legal race car for the road by the British Manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company. 

  • Weighs just 555kgs by extensive use of exotic materials.
  • Uses Graphene in every carbon fiber panel to make it lighter and stronger.
  • Exclusive to just 30 units is one of a kind single-seater supercar for road and track use.
BAC MONO R | All Rights Reserved at Briggs Automotive Company


Mono R is the second generation single-seater supercar from the British manufacturer. The car looks similar to the first-gen Mono maintaining the iconic single-seater racecar design but BAC claims all surfaces, including all carbon fiber parts and body panels have been designed from scratch. The dimensions are slightly changed, with 25mm added to it length and a 20mm height reduction for better handling than before. The most distinctive addition to its exterior other than the nose is a race-inspired ram-air intake. There are also numerous small changes that improved the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

Also new LED lights up front in the nose, twin-strut wing mirrors, rear crash box and a narrower tail incorporating new LED rear lights complete the exquisite look.

Inside, the Mono R remains a perfect canvas for customer personalization, plus there’s a new-look, race-inspired, even lighter steering wheel and optional carbon interior side panels.

Mono R Innovation

The Mono R is the first production car in the world to use graphene along with carbonfibre in each body panel to make it stronger and lighter than before. Using the revolutionary material enhances the structural properties of the fibre to make panels stronger and lighter with improved mechanical and thermal performance as claimed by BAC. 

The project came into life as a part-funded by the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK via the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN), also together with advanced composite specialists Haydale and Pentaxia.

Other innovative features like 3D printed parts made from high-performance polymers, magnesium chassis and transmission components and standard-fit AP Racing carbon-ceramic brakes, carbo fiber wheels along with a titanium exhaust and new carbon fiber floor were incorporated. This resulted in a 25kg weight reduction than the Mono one which was already a light car

weighing 580kgs. The Mono R weighs just 555kgs. This results in a power-to-weight ratio of 612bhp per tonne. 

Mono R Powertrain

The Mono R is powered by the Mountune-sourced 2.5-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine, but power is bumped by 35bhp to 340bhp.  A new cylinder bore size allows for power gains, while a new billet crankshaft reduces the stroke that allowed the rev limit to be raised another 1000rpm to 8800rpm. 

Combined with the high-pressure formula-styled ram intake system, and a new throttle body and cylinder head, the new unit produces 136bhp per litre that is phenomenal and as BAC claimed its a global record for a naturally-aspirated road car. With a kerb weight of just 555kgs, the car is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph time of 2.5sec and can achieve a top speed of 170mph. 

Driving Experience

To give the Mono R a better driving experience BAC has worked on a lot of things. It features a lighter steering wheel, the car’s suspension geometry is more track-oriented than before with the use of Ohlins two-way adjustable dampers that also gives better road comfort. A new fuel tank and battery also improves weight distribution, special Pirelli Trofeo R tyres used allows the car to have sharper turns, a reduced braking distance and better traction.

The Mono R when launched last year at Goodwood Festival Of Speed was priced from £190,950 roughly Rs 1,87,66,573.87 – but petrolheads never minded what it costed to them after looking at the spec list and getting head-turning driving experience on road because a limited production run of 30 models has already sold out. 

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