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Aston Martin One-77 is one of the greatest most exclusive hand-built modern Aston Martin Hypercar that was introduced back in 2009 Geneva Motor Show. It was a limited production car and each carried a price tag of £1.2 Million. It showed extreme craftsmanship of the British Carmaker and still after a decade the Aston Martin One-77 is one of the most stunning, fast and luxurious hypercar out on the road. A perfect example of a modern classic. 


  • Aston Martin One-77 is one of the most exclusive Aston Martin in 2009.


  • Uses Aerospace technology and was entirely hand-built in England.


  • Limited to just 77 units much rare than Buggati Veyron.


  • Powered by a naturally aspirated 7.3-litre V12 engine that makes 730 HP and 750 Nm of torque.


  • Each of the 77 units costs £1.2 Million back in 2009.


Aston Martin One-77 Design


Limited to just 77 units the Aston Martin One-77 hypercar was one of the most technologically advanced and fastest car Aston has ever created back in 2009 so indeed it had to look beautiful for a special car it is. The styling of the Aston Martin One-77 Hypercar is very striking and elegant like any Aston Martin is.  There are lots of design elements and it surely was a Bugatti Veyron killer at that time in terms of looks. Made of carbon fibre and aluminium it was one of the most beautiful Aston Martin and still its one of the most handsome car that Aston Martin has built. Some of the most visually pleasing design elements are – upfront the wide carbon fibre body is seriously imposing and that big Aston Martin grille with pair of air vents looks stunning also the headlights with LED elements give it a very striking look at and is finished off with handcrafted Aston Martin Badge. The Carbonfibre hood has vents made up of titanium bits that helps the mammoth 7.3L V12 to breath air and radiate heat. On the sides, the lightweight carbon fibre Swan Doors gets venturi tunnels for that extra airflow. The rear gets striking looks too, like the LED taillight running across the whole rear and is finished off with a large carbon fibre diffuser and small retractable wing for that added downforce at higher speeds. The wing usually pops up at 80mph. 


Talking about the interior, the One-77 gets a striking interior just like the exterior. Gets typical Aston Matin styling but it was sportier than any other Aston Model at that time. Opening the Swan Doors you can see the door itself is made of all carbon fibre from exterior to interior, the dashboard, steering wheels and seats are all made of carbon to reduce as much weight as possible. But unlike any other Aston Martin, the interior is finished off with lots of leather and brushed aluminium inserts. The centre console gets most of the controls like the engine start, gear selector buttons, drive modes and traction control system. The dashboard also gets a screen that shows vehicle info like horsepower and torque figures in realtime. Also gets other creature comfort features. The beautiful carbon fibre steering wheel finished off with high-quality leather gets high-quality aluminium paddle shifters. The carbon seats wrapped in double-stitched leather seats low and give the One-77 very sporty race car like feel.


Aston Martin One-77 rear hatch suspension components visible | Evo Magazine


When the rear small glass lead or hatch is opened up the rear suspension components along with alumium cross-members are visible which look more like an art. The compartment is again filled with loads of leather.


Aston Martin One-77 Engine and Gearbox


The engine used for the One-77 was the Cosworth tuned Aston Matin’s 7.3L Naturally Aspirated V12 that produces 750 Hp and 750 Nm (553lb ft ) of Mammoth Torque. It was undoubtedly one of the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine back in those days exceeding even Ferrari Enzo power. All thanks to Cosworth (Also made Gordon Murry T.50 Hypercar Engine) who took the Aston Martin flagship 5.9L naturally Aspirated V12 striped it apart, increased its capacity and added new components and the result was a 4 valve, DOHC, variable valve timing, dry-sump lubricted naturally aspirated V12 which was 15 percent less in weight than the original engine and was still able to make m assive power. Due to dry sump lubrication the engine could be mounted as low as possible on the car. This lowered the car’s centre of gravity for all those fast turns around corners.



Aston Martin One-77 drivetrain | Evo Magazine


All those 700+ ponies from the V12 engine was sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed automated manual transmission(Essentially an AMT) that sits on the rear axle which means it an transaxle gearbox. Reason to use this gearbox was it has less components and was much lighter than a DCT it was fitted to the axle for better weight distribution of the car. It had an auto mode as it was a GT car but this car was made to drive like a real race car so manual mode can be accessed and shifted using those beautiful paddle shifters behind the streeing wheel.


Chassis, Dimensions, Suspension and brake components.


The Aston Martin One-77 has a hand made carbon monocoque with aluminium honeycomb reinforced mesh for added stiffness. Aston Martin used aerospace technology form bonding the carbon panels that was originally developed by Airbus for making planes. The whole carbon tub was made in Toronto, Canada by Multimatic. Other metal components holding the car were machined out of solid billet Aluminium, from suspension wishbones to other metals brackets. This resulted the Car to be very light weight yet super stiff for high performance figure. With a light weight of just 1630kg and using a big engine the One-77 can go 220+ mph and can do a 0-60mph sprint under 3.7 seconds. This made the One-77 one of the fastest Aston Martin back in 2009 when introduced.


The One-77 was similar in length to other Aston Martin flagship cars like the DS and DB9, but the wheelbase was 50mm longer and it sits 100mm lower than any road going Aston Martin also it was a much wider car for extra stability. The One-77 had a wheelbase of 2,791mm, length of 4,601mm, width of 2,204mm and a height of just 1,222mm.


Taking about the suspesion one the One-77 were horizontally mounted fully adjustable wishbone type race spec suspenion setup. Beacuse of their layout the car had a wide track and could sit lmuch lower to the ground. Also the placement of front suspension helped the mammoth engine to sit behind the front axle and made it a proper front mid engine coupe. This also helped in lowering the centre of gravity. Also as per the owners requirements  the suspension can be adjusted t the factory, be track driving or country side cruise.


The Braking is taken care by carbon ceramic discs measuring 398mm upfront which have a 6 piston caliper and the rear disc measuring at 369mm with 4 piston calipers.


The Aston Martin One-77 comes with beautifully crafted 20 inch alloy wheels which are wrapped in super sticky Pirelli P Zero Corse tyres for that added grip and fun at higher velocity.


Aston Martin One-77 Price


The Aston Martin One-77 is a super exclusive car and only 77 units were ever built. This makes it a very rare car and its rare more than Bugatti Veyron. Beacuse of its exclusivity each of the One-77 carried a price tag of more than £1.2 Million or $1.6 million. Respect to all those 77 gentlemen who own this Aston. 

In 2020 one donor One-77 hypercar chassis and engine was used to make a one off car for a private collector in Belgium. The car is called Aston Martin Victor which is way more exclusive than this super rare car. The One-77 was also the base for present day Hypercars from Aston Martin like the Vanquish Vision, Vulcan, Valkyrie and Valhalla.

The Aston Martin One-77 was also featured in many games like Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010, Need For Speed: The Run and more but was never featured in any James Bond movie. A car so elegant, fast and race like feeling its hard to cover every details in one go.


So what are your thoughts on the Aston Martin One-77. Drop your views below.


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